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MarkReader, OMR Software

MarkReader is an Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) software that can process form documents scanned using a common image scanner.


Optical Mark Recognition is a process of collecting data from human-marked paper forms. OMR is typically used for tests, surveys and questionnaires. Previously OMR applications required dedicated scanners that could only work with special forms. Forms had to be obtained from print offices and should follow strict specifications.

The solutions offered by MarkReader uses common desktop printer and scanners to print and process OMR forms. Unlike standard OMR solutions, MarkReader can process barcodes and can acquire image clips from scanned forms. Ability to use common printers for form printing allows "merging data with template" feature, which leads to uniqe prints per form. This feature can be used to preprint student identity, exam number and other information on the forms.

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* Windows 64-bit evaluation

Optical Mark Recognition With Common Image Scanners

Works With Image Scanners

No need for expensive OMR scanners and forms. Just print your forms using a laser or inkjet printer and scan using a common image scanner.

It's as fast as an OMR scanner even with low-priced 10-20 ppm scanners. And if your scanner supports higher ppm's, processing forms at 6.000 pages/hour is possible.

MarkReader supports multi-sheet and duplex forms and matches forms using auto-form-ID's.


MarkReader can process barcodes and produce image clips

OMR and More

With most of the classical OMR scanners you only acquire data from bubbles. MarkReader can also process barcodes, OCR/ICR text and can produce image clips without a drop in processing performance.

Classical OMR scanners will require additional hardware for each of these functionality with the penalty of increasing processing time drastically.


MarkReader process

Custom forms for each test

MarkReader allows designing, customizing and printing forms through office printers. You don't need to buy expensive OMR forms and try to adapt your applications to their fixed design.

With MarkReader you're free to make as many designs as you wish, and make copies just enough for the application.


MarkReader applications

Many applications

MarkReader's application range covers but not limited to the following cases.

  • Application and registry forms (School, hospital, organization, human resources and other).
  • Education evaluation forms
  • Hotel evaluation forms
  • Multiple Choice and Open Ended Tests
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Ballots

Print forms with precoded data

MarkReader's "merge data with template" feature allows uniqe prints per form. This feature can be used to preprint student identity, exam number and other information on the forms.

Barcodes, OMR fields and labels can be precoded. Avoid situations caused by miscoded numbers, names and increase realiability of your tests.


MarkReader Scoring

Scoring and analysis

Classical OMR scanners only deal with gathering data from forms and leave the rest to the application.

MarkReader provides basic test scoring and survey analysis for most common test/survey applications besides gathering data.
Calculate scores, average groups, analayse and report survey results without even hiring another program!.


Share and Integrate

MarkRedaer can export acquired data in standard and customizable formats. Exports can be used in database, spreadsheet and statistical analysis applications.


Working Environment

MarkReader works on 64-bit Windows 7/8/10 systems.

Supports scanners with a WIA interface.


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