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JWord v4

An advanced rich text editor for the Java platform (J2SE). With its rich set of features, JWord will power both your Java Swing based desktop applications and web based applications. Paging, multi-section documents including header and footers, tables, images, numbering, bulleted lists are among the features of this RTF and XHTML based editor. JWord works on XHTML, ODT (Open Document), and native XML files other than RTF,exports to PDF and XSL-FO, supports many bitmap (GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP) and vector (WMF, EMF, SVG) image formats and participates in clipboard actions. The lightweight control is also suitable for web based applications that require editing of XML, HTML or RTF based documents from within the browser.  

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JMathEdit v2

Our latest product JMathEdit is a full Java, WYSIWYG equation editor. JMathEdit help writing complex mathematical equations with ease. Compose appealing academic and educational materials with JMathEdit, without needing to memorize scripts or codes.

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IRun RTF Converter v1.23

IRun is a utility that can convert your RTF documents, which are created with word processors like MSWord and LibreOffice, to web page(s) in HTML or XML format. The DLL component allows developers to add conversion functionality to their applications.

IRun is a freeware. You can download and use it for free. 

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IRun-J RTF Parser and Converter for Java

IRun-J is the Java version of the popular RTF to HTML converter (IRun). It is available as a Java SDK 1.4 (or later) compatible java library (JAR), that can convert RTF to XML or HTML with CSS option. IRun-J also has the API functions to convert WMF/EMF images to SVG and BMP images to GIF or PNG.

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JWord4 is released


A new version of JWord is out!

JWord is available for JavaFX


The powerful rich text editor is now available for JavaFX too!.

JMathEdit 2 is released


JMathEdit 2 is released

IRun 1.23 relased


There is a new release of IRun RTF converter (v1.23).The new release includes some bug fixes.

JMathEdit is FREE on Linux!


JMathEdit is now free on the Linux platforms.