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FieldDialogController - Class in com.pilot.jword.fx
Controller for fieldDialog.fxml
FieldDialogController() - Constructor for class com.pilot.jword.fx.FieldDialogController
FindDialogController - Class in com.pilot.jword.fx
Controller for findDialog.fxml.
FindDialogController() - Constructor for class com.pilot.jword.fx.FindDialogController
findText - Variable in class com.pilot.jword.fx.FindDialogController
fixRatioValue - Variable in class com.pilot.jword.fx.ImageDialogController
followedByList - Variable in class com.pilot.jword.fx.StyleDialogController
followedByStyle - Variable in class com.pilot.jword.fx.StyleDialogController
fontChanged(ActionEvent) - Method in class com.pilot.jword.fx.JWordFXController
FontDialogController - Class in com.pilot.jword.fx
Controller for fontDialog.fxml
FontDialogController(boolean, CharacterProperties) - Constructor for class com.pilot.jword.fx.FontDialogController
constructs the controller.
fontSizeChanged(ActionEvent) - Method in class com.pilot.jword.fx.JWordFXController
FontSizeConverter - Class in com.pilot.jword.fx
String<->Integer converter used for font size text fields and comboboxes.
FontSizeConverter() - Constructor for class com.pilot.jword.fx.FontSizeConverter
FontSizeFormatter - Class in com.pilot.jword.fx
Text formatter used in font size text fields.
FontSizeFormatter(Integer) - Constructor for class com.pilot.jword.fx.FontSizeFormatter
FormFieldDialogController - Class in com.pilot.jword.fx
FormFieldDialogController() - Constructor for class com.pilot.jword.fx.FormFieldDialogController
frameController - Variable in class com.pilot.jword.fx.DialogControllerBase
fromString(String) - Method in class com.pilot.jword.fx.FontSizeConverter
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