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IRun-J, RTF Parser & Converter for Java v1.17

IRun-J is a java software component that can convert RTF documents to XML or HTML. IRun-J can read RTF documents conforming to the RTF1.7 specifications. You can produce an XML or an HTML file from the source document. There are two options for HTML converison, you can choose to include inline CSS elements to create better results, or you can exclude them to support older browsers. IRun-J can convert embedded objects, and metafiles to SVG pictures if this option is enabled. 
IRun-J is also a WMF/EMF (Windows metafile formats) parser and renderer for the Java platform.


  • RTF to XML, RTF to HTML conversion with CSS styling option.
  • WMF/EMF images and OLE objects (standalone files or embedded into RTF) to SVG conversion
  • Windows BMP/DIB images (standalone files or embedded into RTF) to PNG/GIF/JPG conversion
  • Embedding images into the final HTML with Base64 encoded represenation
  • Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMF) and Metafile (WMF) rendering in Java
  • Allowing custom converters through a callback style API
Since RTF and markup language are not 100% compatible some feature of the RTF specifications are excluded from IRun. Some features though, can be added in the later versions. Here is the list of features that are not included in IRun:
  • Embedded fonts, font extension files.
  • Style shortcut keys
  • Positioned objects and frames (including floating pictures and objects)
  • List override table
  • Revision marks
  • Foot-notes,end-notes
  • Compatibility options
  • User defined document properties
  • Associated character properties
  • Bookmarks
  • Indexed entries
  • Drawing objects (Shapes)
  • Table of contents entries
  • Embedded tables
  • Form fields  


All platforms where J2SE1.4 or higher is available.

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